The Repeat Outfit – Are you Allowed to wear The Same Outfit from One Day To The Next?

Listen. When you have a rockin’ outfit that you pulled out of your ass – and are thoroughly impressed with yourself and more over it makes you feel amazing and fabulous, there is nothing wrong with wearing it the next day. It’s like a great date that you don’t want to end – after the dinner and movie, don’t let it end, have a night cap.  But keep in mind there are absolutely rules to pulling this maneuver.   For one, you cannot and I repeat cannot see, run into, or hang out with anyone who saw you from the day before, unless it’s your best friend and she (or he) already knows how mental you are and won’t judge. Secondly, and it may seem obvious to you, only allow pics in the second day – because god forbid – you go to a dashing party the night before – there are forty party pics slapped all over Facebook of you – and then you have the balls to wear the same outfit the next day – and one of your friends gets trigger happy with with phone cam.  Forget it. No pics the first day – and if there are – you are NOT ALLOWED, I repeat NOT ALLOWED to wear the same outfit the next day. Otherwise you are seriously treading fashion faux pas water.  

I lead by example! The the dreadful two days I wore the same bloody outfit! 


first photo is paparazzi photo at La Pain Quotidian on Melrose, West Hollywood


The second photo and next day – I was the Guest of Honor along with Fab 10 friend Samantha Gudstat at the opening party of a private club in South Dakota.

Major fashion faux pas!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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