Fat as a Cat and 4 More Weeks Til Christmas

All right.  It’s a sad day when you realize you’ve already put on 5 pounds without even touching cake yet and you still have to drudge through four more weeks of the holiday season which you know is basically one big ginormous fluffy Pop Tart, the kind that would FOR SURE be in Willa Wonka’s Chocolate Factory Part  III.

So I figured it’s time to do something about this “sitcha-ation.”  I was getting tired of wearing the same black jumper with a  red scarf and red lipstick and decided instead of taking the obvious choice which most people do, which is:

1) do nothing

2) Continue to wear black baggy clothes

3)convince yourself that you’ll get a gym membership on January 1st and work yourself up to the size of that huge fat cat in the photo.

Instead… I decided to take a free pilates class next to my apartment in Downtown Los Angeles called “Pilates Plus”

It was amazing. It was like ballet on crack. Who knew that faffing around on these little machines coached by a gorgeous upbeat Asian woman that easily could have been Lucy Lui, if I was racist and had bad vision,  was going to put me in such a great mood and give me hope for turning from a fat to just cat, purrrr…..

I highly recommend this place.



The Fat Cat