Where to Buy Cheap Clothes Without Looking Like a 2 Dollar Whore

So we’re not all loaded, fine, keep the eye on the prize and one day you will be. In the interim, you still must look FAB even if you are punk ass broke.  I repeat you still MUST look FAB if you are punk ass broke, there are no excuses, there are plenty of cheap-ass clothing stores, second hand stores, Salvation Armies, and Mexican grocery stores who can rock some pretty awesome outfits.  The only draw back to literally cheaply made hoochie-momma clothes, that you can find in and around  Santee Alley in Downtown LA is that you end up looking like a hoochie momma especially, and don’t take this the wrong way, especially if you are size 6 and above.  I’m a size 4 and 75% percent of the time I come off looking like a two dollar whore if I engage in too many cheap bright color finds.  Sadly a size zero chick, can literally look amazing in any rags, even garbage bags. It’s the God honest truth.

Check out exhibit A:


So, what is the solution to having little money to spend,  looking amazing and being bigger than a size 0.  Oh, darlings, I have many amazing solutions.  But let’s begin with a simple 1,2,3 step plan.

1) go to a fancy hair salon on Beverly Hills, where there is heaps of free parking, I know, amazing, and ask for a “hair consultation” with one of the top beauty salons.  While you are waiting for one of the fab boy or girl hair stylist to give you advice on your bead-head bob –  take this opportunity to get free magazines usage.  Don’t be a dick and steal the magazines, just rip out a few pictures of this seasons hot new high end looks that you know you can rock.

2)Next stop go to your nearest state run clothing stores, Salvation Army, Goodwill etc.  You may get lucky and snatch a few Bebe or Vivienne Westwood pieces from three years ago, (I like the Goodwill on Beverly and Fairfax it’s notorious for having amazing pieces)


7919 Beverly Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90048

*note it’s really important to have a few legitimate designer pieces in the mix, that way, you can fill in the missing stuff with hoochie momma wear. 
here is a perfect mix and match example:
 pink and black jacket I got free from Dickies Jeans when I used to model for them 4 years ago.   Faux leather pants that I got at some cheap ass clothing store on Los Angeles Ave and 10th street. They are fake and cheap and amazing. But when I rock them with a pair of stealth Jessica Simpson boots, which I got last year on sale at Macy’s and top it off with my fake eye lashes I ordered on ebay – a pack of twelve for two dollars from China (shipping included), and some fun lip stick “Impassioned by Mac” it’s a hot, hot, hot outfit.  
 3) Have fun with it!  Your attitude makes 50% of an outfit, so stop being a snot rag and cheer up and have fun.