The “Accidental: Valentine’s Date! This Just In! Urgent! Don’t Be a Victim!

All right. I just got off the phone with my single girlfriend who “accidentally” is having drinks on Valentine’s Day, with a guy she is meeting for the first time.  She asked me if I thought that was fine, innocently, as one could think that was innocent, just casual business drinks that happens to fall on Valentine’s Day and BOTH parties are single. BING BING BING.  RED ALERT.   As psycho as guys claim girls to be, let me tell you, THIS IS NO ACCIDENT! Why do I know this? Because, a)my friend is hot.  b)the guys is not.   Not to be mean, this isn’t just coming from someone who is an Iowa 10.  Not only does going out with this man make for intense awkwardness, but P.S. this is a stressful night at every restaurant. Husbands are trying to keep their wives happy by going to expensive bistros, women are thinking they’re just too fat to get into their last year’s Bebe dress, teenage boys trying to impress teenage girls, (I don’t really know how but they are)  single parties – ahhhhh – ONE BIG HUGE BARFERAMA.  The city is 100% on anxiety relationship mode. The streets are just not safe for singles to go out casually. Valentines Day is THE PERFECT NIGHT to do your taxes, knit a blanket or watch Casablanca with your fish. BEWARE of this man who asks you out on business drinks which happens to  fall on V-Day, he may be wearing a cardigan.



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