Sienna Sinclaire at Glaminlalaland at The Improv

Sienna Sinclaire at Glaminlalaland at The Improv


NAUGHTY GIRL’S GUIDE TO LOS ANGELES, by Sienna Sinclaire – This month’s Glaminlaland’s girls night out pick of the month goes to the very sassy Sienna Sinclaire.   For a wild girl’s night out or bachelorette party gift, that’s sure to make the mother of the bride blush.
Naughty Girl’s Guide is 392 pages of all things naughty in L.A. that filled up our hot pink gift bags at this past Thursday’s inaugural of our show – Camille Solari Presents  “Glam in La La Land” at the Hollywood Improv.

Guests of the networking and gifting lounge got a chance to talk with Sienna herself about her naughty and fun life and books, before the stand-up show that brought down the house which included  such celebrity comedians  as- Camille Solari,  Natasha Leggero, Rawle Dee, Deon Williams, Annie Lederman, and Neal Brennan.

Sienna started her career as a writer when she landed an internship after college for a magazine in London. She loved writing so much that once she returned home to the states she decided to start her own holistic living magazine called “Balance For Today’s Woman.”

By Sienna Sinclaire

By Sienna Sinclaire

In the past year Sienna has exploded on the LA scene as the ‘it’ girl’s guide to sex in the city.  Editors and producers have discovered that the multi-talented beauty is also quick-witted and an interesting interviewer and guest. With her wide-ranging resume there is never a dull moment as brains match the beauty of Sienna and an entire industry watches to see what moves she’ll make next.
The Naughty Girl’s Guide is a fun gift for anyone who wants to explore a road less traveled in a very naughty way.

By Gail Moss – Official Glam Wrangler

IMG_3478Sienna Sinclaire & Camille Solari at  Camille Solari Presents Glam In La La Land at The Hollywood Improv where fashion + beauty meets comedy….



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