My Favorite Niche Market Pick of The Month – Om Nom Organics

As East Coast as I am, being from bean town Boston, where people preach about clam chowdah and lobstah rolls and chompin’ down some Fenway Franks and going to Riley’s Roast Beef after a night of gettin’ wicked pissah drunk,  I have to admit living in LA for now over a decade, I cannot do without my local organic market, I know I’m gettin’ soft.  Luckily, tucked away cutely on the 9th Street side of The Eastern Columbia Building, in downtown LA is my favorite pit stop (or two) of the day– the newly opened Om Nom Organics.  Being a resident of The Art Deco building  – The Eastern Columbia – it allows me to (literally) roll out of bed – with smeared make up, sweats and questionable foot wear, with my little doggie Boston Terror (I mean terrier) – and get my morning cup of freshly made organic brew and a bottle of the latest variety of Kombucha.  The market is full of many snick snacks, fresh made sandwiches and salads even some household items and  a serious supply of liquorish which I currently am addicted to- and I think there is even a rumour going around that they will be doing a downtown delivery service, for the ultimate in lazy (hey if you got it, flaunt it).  The decor of the store is lovely – it has the feel of Dean & Deluca’s New York (which I worked in the bakery when I was  17 and gained 10 pounds by eating cake everyday) but the downtown laid back friendly attitude of the staff is especially delightful – (I literally almost got into a fist fight with a yoga instructor in the Whole Foods Parking lot in Santa Monica over whether “free range” meant “ organic ” OMG hello crazy) Anyway, leaving you on positive note –  I rate this store a 5 out of 5 stars and another great addition to the burgeoning downtown Los Angeles scene.

Om Nom Organics

849 S Broadway Ave 3

Los Angeles, CA 90014


This photo was taken during a photo shoot for a feature story on Camille Solari,  that will be published in Singular Magazine on April 8  Photo taken by Todd Young


The French Exit – Oui or Non? (Yes or no for you non-tri-linguals)


To begin – I will first off start by defining what a “French exit” is.  When you go to a party or event or engagement and instead of leaving and saying “Oh darling, it was so lovely seeing you, muah muah….” You exit stage right without a trace – you vanish without a goodbye in the room.    All right,  now that we are all on the same page here – let me begin by saying not every day of our lives do we feel like being the best social butterfly out there.   There ARE times (well for lack of a better phrase) – you can’t be fucked with saying goodbye, for whatever reason – you’re tired, you didn’t feel like being there, you’re ex-boyfriend is with his new girlfriend whatever the reason, you feel fat, you just want to eat chocolate – I don’t really care the reason – you just can’t be bothered.  I say it’s totally okay to throw in a French exit here and there.   You can always recover with an email the next morning like, “Lovely party, so sorry I had to take off early, I just have deadlines so I had to burn the mid-night oil last night – but the caviar  was great, and your dress was beyond glamorific!  I swear you look skinnier every time a see you – muah muah.”  Now mind you, the tactic of The French exit  is used SPARINGLY.  I knew a guy who was the king of The French Exit – and people caught onto it – it was so French even The French hated it –  we called it “rip chord” because it was totally un-called for, and honestly it just made us not trust the guy.  Think of it as like Herb De Province – you just use a pinch on your food – on occasion – don’t go crazy and treat it like sea salt or your friends will catch on and sooner or later resent you for it and most of all DO NOT FEEL GUILTY, if you’re gonna do – then bloody very well do it with pride…Image

Love Camille