Glaminlalaland’s Skin Product Pick of The Month – Beauty Nectar By Ashieda

Skin Product Pick of The Month Beauty Nectar By Ashieda

So I went ahead and did The 10 day Beauty Nectar Challenge – I say this like this it is a known challenge that everyone is doing  – like the good ol’ fashion Pepsi Challenge (I picked Coke for the record) what I meant was – I created “The Ten Day Beauty Nectar Challenge” for myself – mainly because 10 shots of Beauty Nectar come in the box – so seeing as I have ZERO patience – if I wasn’t going to see results in 10 days then this would not be the product for me.   So after 10 days – or  should I say during the ten days of drinking basically little fashionable glass bottle shots of what tastes like apple juice and natural stuff – (I know I’m such a techie)  my skin went from slightly dry – to radiantly, and ravishly moist skin.  Seriously.  Now I’m someone who literally sleeps with my make up on – for the most part – and occasionally lathers my face up with a little olive oil (what can I say I am a guinea) so very little things impress me in the way of beauty products but this one was remarkably different. First of all, you drink it.  Second of all, it tastes good.  Two things are the winning combination for someone with very little patience, like moi.   So I seeked out the brains and beauty behind it all of Ashieda products and asked the winning question to the down-to-earth-chick-mother-all-round-great-gal…

Sarah Ehrlich


CAMILLE:  So why do you see Beauty Nectar by Ashieda being the best product for your skin?

SARAH: Beauty Nectar works from the inside out. Unlike lotions that can be washed off with water these benefits cannot be washed away. Japanese women have known about the secret anti-aging benefits of ingesting collagen for years. They even have restaurants in Japan that add additional collagen to their meals. Beauty Nectar truly is Beauty You Can Drink.


CAMILLE: What’s up with America then?


I think before not too long American women will consume collagen as a part of their daily skin care routine.


My Fab Mag Pick of The Month – Singular Magazine

Chilling on top of the roof at Camile's pad.

Kim Calvert & Camille Solari  on top of the roof (and world) at Camille’s pad, downtown Los Angeles.

My web-magazine pick of the month goes to “Singular Magazine.” Now what does Singular mean exactly – you might think of the words to that catchy show tune “..Singular sensation, every little step you take…” but I’m talking about the on-line-magazine and website that has swept the singles scene in LA by storm – with fabulous editor and brains and beauty behind it all – Kim Calvert. It covers dining, night life, singles events, wine tasting, to even finding a killer divorce attorney to much more. Boom!  What else do you need if you’re single. Oh by the way, it puts the sassy back in single with over 50,000 subscribers to this LA based online magazine. Singular City & Singular Magazine is fun and fabbu (yes I said fabbu with two “b”s relax – people have been ruining the english language since text messaging has been created so it’s not my fault). I mean lets face it, there is NO POINT in being in a relationship if you spend 50% of the time “fixing it” or “working on it” in my humble opinion there should be very little work – it should work and if it doesn’t then get out of dodge if… you don’t have kids, well then – yes – do spend some time in taking some responsibility for how you’ve been; come clean on all your bad deeds to your partner and if that doesn’t work, and both parties both need to come clean no matter how “clean” they profess to be – and if then it still is a daily battle over trivial bull shit –  THEN get out of dodge. Being single has never been more fabulous and Kim Calvert’s magazine and world has proven this. There is always funs stuff to do, either quietly at home or out on the town – at any age – 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s. I would say 90’s but I don’t know anyone that old so I can’t speak for them – but I do know people in the other categories.  So get off your butt and go to the website and dig in and get a life you fabulous single…. Love, Camille