Who’s The Hip-Sta-matic- of Them All? Teddy Lawson’s New Line SDRR and of course My Dog…

Today my dog got invited to the trendiest day party in #downtownla  today – mister hip-stamatic himself #TeddyLawson of SDRR (Sex Drugs and Rock & Roll) or I like to call it (Sex Drugs and *Rocky Roll) okay I’m bias but Rocky my doggie did bust the move and made his way into Teddy’s Downtown LA urban photo shoot just weeks before, pulling off a keen photo with mister fabulous himself.  My thoughts on the line… If you’re a dude, SDRR are must have items to have in the closet,  at least get a hat, or a nick nack you can wait to get it for double the price at Macy’s or you can walk your dog right into the Downtown Store Location – #Round2LA located at 600 Spring Street  or go to the site www.SDRR-CLOTHING.com


Rocky getting rowdy with Teddy Lawson outside Round2LA






ImageA quick pose on our way to the shin-dig



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