Holy Crap! I Need Everything Nautical!

Penny Loves Kelly Nautical Wedge

$33 on Amazon

Vintage Polka Bathing Suit

the big price tag item $89 on http://www.modcloth.com

Do you ever have a mad urge for some specific genre of clothes and sometimes just buying one little outfit or item is  a far cry from relieving the fix. Well hell,  I don’t know if I got possessed by a dead sailor’s wife, but for the last 30 days I have been ga-ga for nautical clothes.  Yes, we love http://www.Mod.Cloth.com  but no we don’t like paying $89 for nautical red, white and blue, wedges that realistically go with two outfits and every thing else you try wearing it with makes you look like a Cougar Raggedy Ann Doll.  So this is what I did.  I purchased the navy blue nautical jumper to celebrate losing 12 pounds, and the killer blue and white polka dotted Nautical bathing suit, snagged a black and white Rockabilly nauticalesque dress off ebay from China for a thrifty $15 (shipping included)  then actually tried to buy the damn wedge shoes – but they didn’t have my tranie-sized 10/11 feet narrow.  So, thank god for “zoom in” options on photos – I zoomed in close to the $89 dollar amazingly useless shoes and saw they were made by “Penny Loves Kenny.”  Then pasted that in the web browser, then bleep!  Amazon had them for a third of the price.    I wouldn’t have bothered writing about this because I am a big http://www.modcloth.com advocate but they were cagey to my Glaminlalaland Glam Wrangler – when approached to sponsor Glaminlalaland event soooooo….  Fuck it.