The French Exit – Oui or Non? (Yes or no for you non-tri-linguals)


To begin – I will first off start by defining what a “French exit” is.  When you go to a party or event or engagement and instead of leaving and saying “Oh darling, it was so lovely seeing you, muah muah….” You exit stage right without a trace – you vanish without a goodbye in the room.    All right,  now that we are all on the same page here – let me begin by saying not every day of our lives do we feel like being the best social butterfly out there.   There ARE times (well for lack of a better phrase) – you can’t be fucked with saying goodbye, for whatever reason – you’re tired, you didn’t feel like being there, you’re ex-boyfriend is with his new girlfriend whatever the reason, you feel fat, you just want to eat chocolate – I don’t really care the reason – you just can’t be bothered.  I say it’s totally okay to throw in a French exit here and there.   You can always recover with an email the next morning like, “Lovely party, so sorry I had to take off early, I just have deadlines so I had to burn the mid-night oil last night – but the caviar  was great, and your dress was beyond glamorific!  I swear you look skinnier every time a see you – muah muah.”  Now mind you, the tactic of The French exit  is used SPARINGLY.  I knew a guy who was the king of The French Exit – and people caught onto it – it was so French even The French hated it –  we called it “rip chord” because it was totally un-called for, and honestly it just made us not trust the guy.  Think of it as like Herb De Province – you just use a pinch on your food – on occasion – don’t go crazy and treat it like sea salt or your friends will catch on and sooner or later resent you for it and most of all DO NOT FEEL GUILTY, if you’re gonna do – then bloody very well do it with pride…Image

Love Camille




Glaminlaland’s Fragrance of The Month… Spadaro

ImageThis past Thursday at the inaugural live show of Camille Solari’s Glam in La La Land, a red carpet + gifting suite + networking and comedy event, inspired by this very blog, over 200 sexy and fun loving guests were treated to samples of Spadaro Fragrances and custom chocolates by Kim Spadaro, owner and creator of a line of sensual fragrances that “Set a mood… or evoke a memory through scent, lighting and music. These fragrances are a tribute to the spirit of adventure and the journey of self-discovery.” Well personally, that and a couple glasses of fine Hollywood Improv vino – not only made Spadaro fragrances a night to remember, but it made the sweetest smelling hangover.  
Seriously, a hangover never smelled better. 

Kim is an amazing woman with an amazing story. Visit her site and learn more about her fragrances and her story, including her Spadaro Foundation – For every purchase of a Spadaro product, a percent will go to “The Spadaro Foundation”.  A foundation created as a tribute to those whom have touched Kim’s life and the passing of her dear mother on 1/1/11.
Spadaro Fragrance a premier sponsor, made a splash at Glam in La La Land, and has become a personal favorite when I want something to make me feel and smell luxurious.
By Gail Moss – Official Glam Wrangler




Sienna Sinclaire at Glaminlalaland at The Improv

Sienna Sinclaire at Glaminlalaland at The Improv


NAUGHTY GIRL’S GUIDE TO LOS ANGELES, by Sienna Sinclaire – This month’s Glaminlaland’s girls night out pick of the month goes to the very sassy Sienna Sinclaire.   For a wild girl’s night out or bachelorette party gift, that’s sure to make the mother of the bride blush.
Naughty Girl’s Guide is 392 pages of all things naughty in L.A. that filled up our hot pink gift bags at this past Thursday’s inaugural of our show – Camille Solari Presents  “Glam in La La Land” at the Hollywood Improv.

Guests of the networking and gifting lounge got a chance to talk with Sienna herself about her naughty and fun life and books, before the stand-up show that brought down the house which included  such celebrity comedians  as- Camille Solari,  Natasha Leggero, Rawle Dee, Deon Williams, Annie Lederman, and Neal Brennan.

Sienna started her career as a writer when she landed an internship after college for a magazine in London. She loved writing so much that once she returned home to the states she decided to start her own holistic living magazine called “Balance For Today’s Woman.”

By Sienna Sinclaire

By Sienna Sinclaire

In the past year Sienna has exploded on the LA scene as the ‘it’ girl’s guide to sex in the city.  Editors and producers have discovered that the multi-talented beauty is also quick-witted and an interesting interviewer and guest. With her wide-ranging resume there is never a dull moment as brains match the beauty of Sienna and an entire industry watches to see what moves she’ll make next.
The Naughty Girl’s Guide is a fun gift for anyone who wants to explore a road less traveled in a very naughty way.

By Gail Moss – Official Glam Wrangler

IMG_3478Sienna Sinclaire & Camille Solari at  Camille Solari Presents Glam In La La Land at The Hollywood Improv where fashion + beauty meets comedy….

The “Accidental: Valentine’s Date! This Just In! Urgent! Don’t Be a Victim!

All right. I just got off the phone with my single girlfriend who “accidentally” is having drinks on Valentine’s Day, with a guy she is meeting for the first time.  She asked me if I thought that was fine, innocently, as one could think that was innocent, just casual business drinks that happens to fall on Valentine’s Day and BOTH parties are single. BING BING BING.  RED ALERT.   As psycho as guys claim girls to be, let me tell you, THIS IS NO ACCIDENT! Why do I know this? Because, a)my friend is hot.  b)the guys is not.   Not to be mean, this isn’t just coming from someone who is an Iowa 10.  Not only does going out with this man make for intense awkwardness, but P.S. this is a stressful night at every restaurant. Husbands are trying to keep their wives happy by going to expensive bistros, women are thinking they’re just too fat to get into their last year’s Bebe dress, teenage boys trying to impress teenage girls, (I don’t really know how but they are)  single parties – ahhhhh – ONE BIG HUGE BARFERAMA.  The city is 100% on anxiety relationship mode. The streets are just not safe for singles to go out casually. Valentines Day is THE PERFECT NIGHT to do your taxes, knit a blanket or watch Casablanca with your fish. BEWARE of this man who asks you out on business drinks which happens to  fall on V-Day, he may be wearing a cardigan.


It’s Time To Dress Warm There’s a Dick in Town

Have you ever met someone for the first time who was a real dick?
I did. It’s almost like, I forgot what a dick was, until I met one recently. It’s like cold weather, you block it out of your memory and then romanticize about it when it’s hot outside and think, I miss the cold weather, I miss snowflakes , and I miss sipping hot cocoa in a warm cashmere sweater by Donna Karen, but when you’re actually faced nose to nose with a real bitter cold day it’s really like:
“Oh, I remember you, I remember your cold face, I remember the anger and hatred towards you harbouring in my soul while I waited for the train in 3 degree weather. AND YOU ARE SUCH DICK.
You even give a bad name to the word dick. A dick just wants to cuddle in a warm place. YOU ARE SUCH A DICK.

no dicks were harmed in the making of this blog. Well, hopefully one

Am I a dick magnet?

Am I a dick magnet?

y one.

Where to Buy Cheap Clothes Without Looking Like a 2 Dollar Whore

So we’re not all loaded, fine, keep the eye on the prize and one day you will be. In the interim, you still must look FAB even if you are punk ass broke.  I repeat you still MUST look FAB if you are punk ass broke, there are no excuses, there are plenty of cheap-ass clothing stores, second hand stores, Salvation Armies, and Mexican grocery stores who can rock some pretty awesome outfits.  The only draw back to literally cheaply made hoochie-momma clothes, that you can find in and around  Santee Alley in Downtown LA is that you end up looking like a hoochie momma especially, and don’t take this the wrong way, especially if you are size 6 and above.  I’m a size 4 and 75% percent of the time I come off looking like a two dollar whore if I engage in too many cheap bright color finds.  Sadly a size zero chick, can literally look amazing in any rags, even garbage bags. It’s the God honest truth.

Check out exhibit A:


So, what is the solution to having little money to spend,  looking amazing and being bigger than a size 0.  Oh, darlings, I have many amazing solutions.  But let’s begin with a simple 1,2,3 step plan.

1) go to a fancy hair salon on Beverly Hills, where there is heaps of free parking, I know, amazing, and ask for a “hair consultation” with one of the top beauty salons.  While you are waiting for one of the fab boy or girl hair stylist to give you advice on your bead-head bob –  take this opportunity to get free magazines usage.  Don’t be a dick and steal the magazines, just rip out a few pictures of this seasons hot new high end looks that you know you can rock.

2)Next stop go to your nearest state run clothing stores, Salvation Army, Goodwill etc.  You may get lucky and snatch a few Bebe or Vivienne Westwood pieces from three years ago, (I like the Goodwill on Beverly and Fairfax it’s notorious for having amazing pieces)


7919 Beverly Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90048
*note it’s really important to have a few legitimate designer pieces in the mix, that way, you can fill in the missing stuff with hoochie momma wear. 
here is a perfect mix and match example:
 pink and black jacket I got free from Dickies Jeans when I used to model for them 4 years ago.   Faux leather pants that I got at some cheap ass clothing store on Los Angeles Ave and 10th street. They are fake and cheap and amazing. But when I rock them with a pair of stealth Jessica Simpson boots, which I got last year on sale at Macy’s and top it off with my fake eye lashes I ordered on ebay – a pack of twelve for two dollars from China (shipping included), and some fun lip stick “Impassioned by Mac” it’s a hot, hot, hot outfit.  
 3) Have fun with it!  Your attitude makes 50% of an outfit, so stop being a snot rag and cheer up and have fun.

Fat as a Cat and 4 More Weeks Til Christmas

All right.  It’s a sad day when you realize you’ve already put on 5 pounds without even touching cake yet and you still have to drudge through four more weeks of the holiday season which you know is basically one big ginormous fluffy Pop Tart, the kind that would FOR SURE be in Willa Wonka’s Chocolate Factory Part  III.

So I figured it’s time to do something about this “sitcha-ation.”  I was getting tired of wearing the same black jumper with a  red scarf and red lipstick and decided instead of taking the obvious choice which most people do, which is:

1) do nothing

2) Continue to wear black baggy clothes

3)convince yourself that you’ll get a gym membership on January 1st and work yourself up to the size of that huge fat cat in the photo.

Instead… I decided to take a free pilates class next to my apartment in Downtown Los Angeles called “Pilates Plus”

It was amazing. It was like ballet on crack. Who knew that faffing around on these little machines coached by a gorgeous upbeat Asian woman that easily could have been Lucy Lui, if I was racist and had bad vision,  was going to put me in such a great mood and give me hope for turning from a fat to just cat, purrrr…..

I highly recommend this place.


The Fat Cat

The Repeat Outfit – Are you Allowed to wear The Same Outfit from One Day To The Next?

Listen. When you have a rockin’ outfit that you pulled out of your ass – and are thoroughly impressed with yourself and more over it makes you feel amazing and fabulous, there is nothing wrong with wearing it the next day. It’s like a great date that you don’t want to end – after the dinner and movie, don’t let it end, have a night cap.  But keep in mind there are absolutely rules to pulling this maneuver.   For one, you cannot and I repeat cannot see, run into, or hang out with anyone who saw you from the day before, unless it’s your best friend and she (or he) already knows how mental you are and won’t judge. Secondly, and it may seem obvious to you, only allow pics in the second day – because god forbid – you go to a dashing party the night before – there are forty party pics slapped all over Facebook of you – and then you have the balls to wear the same outfit the next day – and one of your friends gets trigger happy with with phone cam.  Forget it. No pics the first day – and if there are – you are NOT ALLOWED, I repeat NOT ALLOWED to wear the same outfit the next day. Otherwise you are seriously treading fashion faux pas water.  

I lead by example! The the dreadful two days I wore the same bloody outfit! 


first photo is paparazzi photo at La Pain Quotidian on Melrose, West Hollywood


The second photo and next day – I was the Guest of Honor along with Fab 10 friend Samantha Gudstat at the opening party of a private club in South Dakota.

Major fashion faux pas!!!!!!!!!!!!!